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  • What are the common debugging methods for dispensing robots?

    At present, the application range of dispensing robots is very wide, and its applicable industries include the electronics industry, lighting industry, automotive industry, industrial electrical, construction engineering and so on. Today, Ruichi Robot introduces you to the common debugging method...
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  • How to solve the problem that the automatic soldering machine does not reset

    Rui Chi Robot (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise that masters soldering technology and intelligent manufacturing integrated solutions. It provides professional customized solutions for soldering machines and fully automatic soldering machines.   How to solve the problem ...
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  • How to set the temperature of automatic soldering machine

    In product practice, it is very important to grasp the temperature of the automatic soldering machine. If the temperature is too high during the soldering process, the soldering iron tip will be oxidized on the tin surface, which will cause the phenomenon of non-sticking tin, and if the temperatu...
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  • Soldering Robot Manufacturer, Why we choose Ruichi Robot

    The automatic soldering machine is well received by the factories for its advantages of high efficiency, intelligent control, automation and cost saving. So, among so many automatic soldering machine manufacturers, why we choose Ruichi robot? Please find the key reasons as following: Reason 1:Po...
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  • Precautions for selective wave soldering installation

       Compared with wave soldering, selective wave soldering is another welding process. At present, many integrated circuit boards and other forms are becoming more and more accurate, and the precision of wave soldering is perfectly adapted to these conditions. Rui Chi Robot will share with you tod...
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  • Soldering machine manufacturers-treat each customer professionally

      Solder machine manufacturers provide product services and technical support for friends who have soldering needs. As buyers, they want to buy soldering machine equipment with high quality and low price. With the development of automation, automation equipment manufacturers are blooming everywhe...
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  • RuiChi’s sixth birthday

    Changes of Seasons Time files April 23, 2014 Rui Chi Robot (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was born Nowadays April 23, 2020 Is my sixth birthday happy Birthday to me! Recalling the past Six years so far, it has been fruitful Richi, is not the same as before Like a tender seedling, it has grown into a tower...
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  • Ruichi automatic soldering machine 【Wireless Keyboard Description】

    The full-automatic soldering robot of Ruichi Robot adopts the independently developed soldering system + 12-inch HD touch screen + 3 in 1 wireless teaching pendant: it realizes simple, easy and easy operation of intelligent soldering, reduces training time and reduces labor cost. S: The function...
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  • Normally issue and solution for automatic solder robot

       Automatic solder robot combine with temperature control system& motion system, turns out the majority issue is hardware problem otherwise software problem, here RuiChi robot bring you suggestion&solutions for problems of automatic solder robot. 一、Normally hardware issue 1、motion ax...
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  • How to ensure smooth solder feeding when we use automatic soldering machine

    When the automatic soldering machine is working, how to ensure that the tin of the soldering iron tip can maintain a good smooth state is crucial to the results of soldering. Let’s discuss together how to ensure that the automatic soldering machine can keep the tin smooth during work: 1.Th...
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  • Several characteristics that professional soldering machine manufacturers should possess

       Professional soldering machine manufacturers are definitely attracting attention, professional service, professional attitude, professional equipment, always make customers worry, rest assured and at ease. Therefore, in the soldering field, our customers will also carefully compare the solderi...
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  • Automatic solder machine matters need attention

    NO.1 Automatic solder machine operator must been fully training before operate this machine,Its forbidden to operate this machine of any people without train. NO.2 You should not use the solder iron to heat some elements in long time,otherwise it melts or harm the elements, to use a tweezers nipp...
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