Dual Workstation Soldering Machine with CCD Camera(R501DTC)

Short Description:

• 5 axis (X,Y,Z,R and 1 soldering wire feeding system).

• Self-developed software under windows 7 English OS for easy operation and training.

• Real digitalized software with 2.4G wireless remote control, mouse and keyboard.

• 12 inch Full Touch LCD screen.

• Own brand 400W or 600W (optional) high frequency heating system with rapid heat recovery.

• Soldering tip easily changed,location lock ensure never shift after change new tip.

• Break-tin automatic solder wire feeder can reduce tin blow to avoid flux remaining on PCB,ensure soldering quality from origin.

• Whole series standard soldering machine comply with CE and RoHs compliant.

Product Detail




Standard double-station intelligent soldering robot


Technical Data


Product Features

1.Extra fiducial point positioning of the CCD camera, automatically correct the fixture and product offset, and ultra-high precision positioning;

2.Double Y platform, which can be controlled separately according to the actual operation;

3.High efficiency: free to choose double station to work at the same time or to weld different products;

4.Agility: The welding head and the feeding tin can assist the work to adjust the pneumatic quick welding function and use the cylinder flexibly;

5.Safety: The body comes with anti-collision function and parameter permission management mode;



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    soldering robot

     Double-point soldering tip with two tin feeding wires to solder two points at the same time,

     which can solve the problem of soldering precision and improve the soldering efficiency.

    soldering robot

     The welding spots of the product are distributed evenly and densely, which is suitable for line solder(drag solder)

     when arranged in rows.It can save time and improve the soldering efficiency of automatic soldering.

     Suitable for connector, display pin and other electronic devices.

    soldering robot

     Additional CCD camera fiducial positioning, automatically correct deviation of fixture and product, ultra-high precision positioning.

    Customer case

    A.Equipment advantages

    Advanced Feature 1:RuiChi 400W/600W Soldering power

    1、High power rate, fast temperature recover

    2、High power rate, enable more stable temperature

    solder iron tips


    Advanced Feature 2: touch screen + 3in1 wireless remoter

    1、stereo of operation windows

    2、Quickly transfer between different program

    3、Easy operation, simple process for program setting


    Advanced Feature 3:Industrial PC control

    1、Fast running speed

    2、Huge storage space

    3、Various way to build working network

    4、Extra IO port standby for further development


    B. 6 major independent core technologies

    1.Cloud-based soldering machine status detection, fault warning and diagnostic technology.


    2.Optical Automatic Inspection (AOI) Technology for Solder Joint Quality.


     3.Soldering system developed based on Windows OS.


    4.Non-standard component insertion and soldering technology.


    5.Flexible wire soldering technology.


    6.Fast and High Precision Temperature Control Technology Based on Power Compensation.


    C.After-sale Service

    一、Three ways support guarantees for full channel service

    1、Telephone support: 7*24 hours manual service;

    2、Offline support: engineer-to-door for one-to-one service;

    3、Online support: Ruichi WeChat public account & official website for one-click consultation;

    server1 二、Three free items for your money and labor saving

    1、Free software upgrade service;

    2、Free system technical training;

    3、Provide 2 years quality guarantee,. Free to exchange new machine for quality problem units, free after-sale service for second year(China only)

    server2 三、Smart cloud system, enable you do everything in your palm

    1、Big data platform tracks the working status of each machine;

    2、Real-time detection, fault early warning and diagnosis through cloud;


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