What are the characteristics of automatic soldering machine?

What are the characteristics of automatic soldering machine?

 In recent years, domestic companies have been overwhelmed by the desire to transform the automated production industry. However, they have never understood that the automatic production industry has suddenly emerged like a spring breeze overnight, so there are many places to choose, but the real It is very difficult to choose a good automatic soldering machine. After all, 80% of the domestic technology is uneven. It is good to see how to make money in this area to produce automatic soldering machines under such enterprises. And we have 15 years of professional automation production industry, absolutely let you have no worries.

   Here are three key features of the Ruichi robotic automatic soldering machine:
1. It is controlled by the windows microcomputer to send the tin system. The tin wire speed can be adjusted freely, the tin feeding time and the quantitative fixed speed transporting the tin wire. It is truly a high-automatic, user-friendly and easy-to-operate automatic soldering system. Companies don’t need to spend time, energy and money to train new operators.

       2. By manipulating the parameters to control the manipulator, it is possible to perform difficult welding such as spot welding, drag welding, welding round, welding straight line, irregular welding shape, automatic cleaning, etc.
3. Intelligent control, the input soldering program automatically performs the required soldering action, which embodies the high degree of automation of the device and realizes the advantages of intelligence and high controllability.

The Ruichi robot automatic soldering machine is fully adjustable. All the soldering work can be operated independently. It has completely replaced the manual production, and the robot arm can be adjusted to any position you want. Our automatic tin feeding system: you only need a light foot switch, the wire will be automatically, fixed speed, and quantitatively sent to the tip: and we use manual digital temperature to make you look simple and convenient, automatic Constant temperature control mode. The metal anti-static mode design is used to make soldering safer when soldering sensitive components. It is also light and flexible, does not occupy space, temperature, tin delivery speed, and adjustable tin point size.

  Moreover, the automatic soldering machine created by our Ruichi robot is easy to master for two hours, saving 70% of manpower. Environmentally friendly lead-free solder wire is recommended for health reasons. Particularly suitable for welding all kinds of electronic products, such as LED light string, video audio cable plug, headphone cable, computer data cable, small circuit board and small electronic components in the middle of the wire harness welding and docking. The minimum soldering wire can be soldered to 0.1mm. The precision of solder joint can reach 0.5mm. The first six-axis manipulator is the world’s most advanced. The machine is multi-language and easy to operate. There are many applications in electroacoustic devices, automotive electronics, and digital consumer electronics.

Post time: Aug-22-2019
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