How automatic soldering machine solve the problem of rosin joint

  The soldering equipment is represented by the automatic soldering machine. The rosin joint of the soldering machine refers to the fact that there is only a small amount of solder or the solder joint is not full and the solder joint is defective and so on. It is easy to cause poor contact and circuit can not be turned on and other problems. When automatic soldering, it is not as flexible as manual soldering and can be repaired many times. After years of practice development and customer response, RUICHI- ROBOT technicians summed up three common factors.


1. Wrong soldering feeding angle.

The angle of the tin-feeding during the welding process is also a very important factor, too low or too high to cause the tin to flow smoothly, thus affecting the quality of the welding.

2. The wrong angle of the soldering iron head .

In the course of programming, if the angle of the soldering iron head is not correct, it is also easy to cause poor heat conduction, thus causing the occurrence of false welding.


3. The surface of the welding component is oxidized or has impurities.

The surface of the welding component of the automatic soldering machine is not clean or the oxidation is serious, the fluidity of the tin wire can be greatly affected, and even the occurrence of the tin phenomenon at the surface is not even caused, and therefore, one of the causes of the false welding is also caused.


Post time: Dec-10-2019
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