Necessary conditions for automatic soldering robot use

I believe that when you use a soldering robot, you don’t know what you need to pay attention to. Otherwise, you may be unable to operate or damage the machine you bought at a big price, and the staff of the Ruichi robot will work hard for you. A rule for the use of automatic soldering robots, what kind of conditions are generally available and suitable for use with automated soldering equipment. The following soldering machine manufacturers will come to the Ruichi robot to tell you about some of the conditions required to use the soldering robot:

 1. It is necessary to use suitable flux

The role of the flux is to clean the oxide film on the surface of the weldment. Different welding processes should choose different fluxes, such as nickel-chromium alloy, stainless steel, aluminum and other metal materials. If there is no flux, it is impossible to solder. When a soldering machine is used to solder a circuit board or other fine electronic products, in order to make the soldering firm, a rosin-based flux is generally used.

 2, the appropriate soldering time

Welding time refers to the whole process of welding, including the time when the solder metal reaches the soldering temperature, the soldering time, the flux function and the working time of the natural metal alloy. When the welding temperature is stable, the appropriate welding time should be determined according to the shape, nature and characteristics of the welded part. The welding time is too long, it is easy to protect the components or the welding parts; if it is too short, the welding request cannot be reached. Generally, each solder joint is soldered once for a maximum of 5 seconds.

      3, the solder parts need sufficient solderability

The term “weldability” refers to the function of an alloy that can be formed into an excellent separation between the metal to be soldered and the solder at a proper temperature. Not all metals have good solderability, and some metals such as chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, etc. have very poor solderability; some metals have better solderability, such as copper and brass. At the time of soldering, the metal surface is oxidized by the low temperature, which affects the solderability of the metal material. In order to further improve the solderability, surface tinning, silver plating, etc. can be used to avoid oxidation of the data surface.

 4, the weldment should be heated to the appropriate temperature

When welding, the role of thermal energy is to condense the solder and heat the welding object, so that the tin and lead atoms get enough energy to penetrate into the crystal lattice of the surface of the metal to be welded to form an alloy. The soldering temperature is too low, which is beneficial to the penetration of solder atoms. It is impossible to form an alloy, and it is easy to form a virtual solder. If the soldering temperature is too high, the solder will be in a non-eutectic form, and the soldering speed and the volatilization speed of the solder can be reduced, causing the solder quality to drop. It also causes the pads on the printed circuit board to fall.

 5, the weldment needs to be kept clean

In order for the solder and weldments to reach excellent separation, the soldered surface must be clean. Even weldments with excellent weldability can produce oxide film and oil stains that are harmful to wetting on the surface of the weldment due to storage or oxidation. Be sure to clean the dirt film before welding, otherwise the welding quality cannot be guaranteed. The mild oxide layer on the metal surface can be cleaned by flux. The metal surface with severe oxidation should be cleaned mechanically or chemically, such as by scraping or pickling.

 With the above conditions, the soldering machine can achieve bright and smooth solder joints; the solder layer is even and thin, and the ratio of the pad size is appropriate, the outline of the joint is faintly visible; the solder is sufficient, the skirt is scattered; no crack , pinholes, no flux residue. And our Ruichi Robotics Company has been focusing on the high-tech field of China’s automation equipment, and the company’s quality and product quality are trustworthy.

Post time: Aug-22-2019
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