The seventh generation of intelligent soldering, haven’t you changed yet?

  Automatic soldering machine has been widely used in household appliances, automotive electronics, military instrument circuit board, computer and industrial equipment control board, outdoor LED display screen and other fields. However, there are still many business owners and factories still using traditional soldering by manual, manual soldering has many shortcomings and drawbacks, long-term work is also harmful to health. With the development of times and soldering technology, artificial soldering will inevitably be replaced by automation, and intelligent soldering will become an inevitable selection trend.

Let’s follow the eiditor’s step getting into the class about soldering.


First, the characteristics of traditional artificial solder

(1) High management cost and training cost caused from the high labor mobility rate;

(2) The failure rate of artificial solder is high and the quality control is difficult;

(3) The off-season and peak season are obvious, the product quality is unstable during booming time, the person can not be hired in time during busy time, and can not afford the raised labor cost in the spare time;

(4) The loss of artificial solder is large and the cost of raw materials is high;

(5) Artificial welding has great arbitrariness and can not really realize standardization, consistent welding, and the welding effect fluctuates greatly.

(6) People are easily prone to fatigu with low efficiency and slow speed.

Second, the harm of artificial solder

1. Release toxic gases

At present, the solders commonly used in factories are low in melting point (60% lead and 40% tin), so the solder itself is toxic. Most of the solder on the market is hollow, containing rosi. Rosin in the solder wire melts in soldring and it is a chemical itself. The gas produced by volatilization is toxic gas, which is harmful to the human body.

2. Toxic heavy metals

Lead in solder is a toxic heavy metal, which is very harmful to human body, even lead-free solder, which contains a certain amount of lead. The limit value of lead smoke in GBZ2-2002 is very low and toxic, so it needs to be protected. Due to the damage of welding process to human body and environment, in Europe, the protection of welding workers and the protection of environment have been enforced in the form of legislation, and welding is not allowed in the absence of protective measures. In the ISO14000 standard, there are clear provisions for the treatment and protection of pollution caused by production links.

3. Harmful to health

(1) radiation hazard: when we use soldering tin with soldering iron, we will produce certain radiation, which has a certain effect on human body, especially on embryonic development, and has a great impact on embryonic development. If person who has been engaged in this industry for a long time and may even lead to infertile sterility.

(2) Smoke inhaled in the process can lead to lung, liver, kidney and others functional failure.

(3) It leads to vision loss: smoke produced during soldering, Containing chemicals and tin smoke, the damage to the eyes is also very great, which can lead to vision loss and color discrimination.

Third, How to take precautions?

(1)Wear a mask;

(2) Pay attention to ventilation, solder station equipped with smoke exhaust fan;

(3) Wash your hands when you get off work or before eating or drinking;

(4) Drink more milk, honey water and mung bean soup;

(5) Take lead remover.

Fourth, why choose the soldering robot?

1. Work efficiency

The main results are as follows:

(1) To improve the quality of commodities: artificial solder has certain uncontrollability, low stability and low standardization, which will cause product quality fluctuation and high failure rate. The precision and working efficiency of automatic soldering machine are several times higher than soldered by manual, which ensures the good product rate and production efficiency of the product, and causes less false solder and etc.

(2) increasing the output of commodities: using automatic soldering machine instead of manual soldering can significantly improve productivity. And workers are often affected by a variety of factors, such as mood, leave,loose work and so on. The automatic soldering machine can work continuely without any working emotion and fatigu. What we should do is only to ensure external electrical and other conditions.

(3) High controllability on production management. The production beat of automation equipment is fixed and the product cycle is clear.

2. Cost control

The main contents are as follows:

(1) Reduce the labor cost: In the operation of automatic soldering machine, one robot can replace many industrial workers and can greatly save the labor cost of the company.

(2) Reduce the cost of training: automatic soldering robot is easy to learn, easy to operate, also it no need for special professional training. Basically everyone can take up the job.

(3) Reduce the waste of raw material resources: In the environment of rising raw materials, falling prices, shrinking profit space and fierce competition, Artificial solder attachment is uncontrollable and wasteful. The Ruichi automatic soldering machine is operated by industrial computer, which greatly reduces the waste of resources while replacing labor.

3. Application aspects

The main results are as follows:

 (1) The application range of manual welding is relatively narrow. The automatic soldering machine has a wide range of applications and can be used in many soldering fields.

(2) Automatic tin feeding and multi-angle tin feeding: solve the kneading and direction dead angle of workpiece in welding.

(3) There is no difference between off-season and peak season for automatic soldering robot. It solves the awkward situation that the labor force is surplus in the off-season and can not recruit the workers in the peak season. 

(4) To avoid the damage caused by solder to personnel. Most of the solder on the market is hollow, containing rosin. Rosin in the solder wire melts in soldring and it is a chemical itself. The gas produced by volatilization is toxic gas, which is harmful to the human body.

   Ruichi Robot(Shenzhen)Co., Ltd., is a national high-tech enterprise mastering the integrated solution supplying of solder technology and intelligent manufacturing. Its self-developed intelligent solder robot series which is based on R&D cutting-edge technology, pierces the pain point of the industry, with the trust and strong support of customers both from domestic and abroad, the market has been spreaded over 100 countries and regions.

Here please find the display of RuiChi partial soldering machines for your reference. 




Post time: Dec-07-2019
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