How to ensure smooth solder feeding when we use automatic soldering machine

When the automatic soldering machine is working, how to ensure that the tin of the soldering iron tip can maintain a good smooth state is crucial to the results of soldering. Let’s discuss together how to ensure that the automatic soldering machine can keep the tin smooth during work:


1.The soldering iron tip needs to be cleaned of oxides frequently during use to ensure durability;

2. Before soldering, we must clean the oxide on the tip of the soldering iron. Sponge or wet cloth can be used to make the soldering of the soldering iron head in a clean state to ensure smooth soldering at work. At the same time after the soldering is finished, Add a layer of new tin to the tip of the soldering iron to prevent the tip from oxidizing too quickly;

soldering head

3.When soldering, the machine must maintain a reasonable amount of tin, and the tin content in the tin wire must be appropriate. Therefore, when selecting the tin wire, try to choose a tin wire that matches the soldering iron tip, so as to avoid exposure In the air, accelerate the oxidation of the soldering iron tip;

4.The soldering iron head must be selected correctly. For solder products, the configuration of the soldering iron head model must be reasonable. The selection of the soldering iron head is not reasonable, which not only affects the efficiency of the solder, but also makes the quality of the solder poor.


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Post time: Mar-27-2020
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