How does the automatic welding robot work?

Spot welding is a high-speed and economical connection method. It is suitable for manufacturing stamped and rolled thin plate components that can be overlapped, the joint does not require air tightness, and the thickness is less than 3mm. Spot welding is to weld individual points on the contact surface of the weldment at the joint. Spot welding requires metal to have good plasticity.

Dual Soldering Head Soldering Machine(R501DH)


Commonly used for spot welding of decorative panels. Double-sided spot welding of two or more spot welding at the same time, using a transformer to connect the electrodes in parallel. At this time, the impedance of all current paths must be basically equal, and the surface state, material thickness, and electrode pressure of each welding part All need to be the same to ensure that the current through each welding point is basically the same. Double-sided multi-point spot welding with multiple transformers is used.

According to the statistics of the body-in-white spot welding gun load and arm span, the robot load is generally required to be more than 180KG, and the arm span is more than 2.5M to meet the requirements of most spot welding stations. If there is a gun changer or built-in pipeline package , The load is correspondingly increased by 20KG.

Standard Intelligent Soldering Robot R501


It has a compact pulse form, no induction loss, less than 1 millisecond adjustment, no current peak, and no extra cooling time, thereby providing higher energy and reducing the heat and mechanical pressure of the electrode. Compared with the power frequency, the electrode life of the intermediate frequency increases by 30-50% and provides 20-32% energy saving.
The welding tongs used by the robot are usually the transformer and the tong body installed together to form a whole, called “integrated welding tongs”. In practical applications, the body of the welding tongs must be specially designed according to the particularity of the spot position. Only in this way can the welding tongs reach the welding spot position.

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