Automated Production Line

The whole assembly line is composed of the main line and the secondary line.

The main line is a single-layer pipeline. The PCB board flows directly on the pipeline and does not require a tray. Complete plug-in soldering and splitter of components through plug-in machine, solder machine and splitter.

The finished product is sent directly to the secondary line through the transit belt for the next processing.

The secondary line is a double-layer assembly line consisting of an upper and lower board machine, a screw locking machine, a soldering machine, an AOI tester, and a sorting machine to complete soldering, screw locking, intelligent inspection, automatic sorting and so on.


The whole line achieves highly automated continuous operation and effectively reduces manual operations.


Automated Assembly Line

automatic production line

Automated assembly line operation, its objects include various parts and components that make up the product and the final completed is finished or semi-finished products.

And it is suitable for mature product design,huge market demand, more assembly processes and long-term production products,such as auto parts and mobile phone assembly,daily consumer goods, small appliances,cigarettes, locks, food packaging, etc.

It has the advantages of stable performance,less labor required, high production efficiency,greatly reduced manufacturing cost of single-piece products, and minimal occupation of the site.


According to the product characteristics and the whole assembly production line adopts the floor direct synchronous transmission, direct positioning scheme;

And as per the content of operation and production rhythm,using a tree structure, serial structure and parallel structure of combining the production process;

Direct at the characteristic of multi-station expansion and phased implementation, the upper control and unit control secondary computer collecting and distributing control methods, and unit control panels, detection fault warning system operation to make the whole control system more perfect.

The whole line of machinery, control, pneumatic system adopts modular structure and reflects the modularization, seriation design thinking.

Automatic production assembly line is made up of the distribution, assembly, testing, aging, packaging process of system equipment, the system consist of differential line,chain plate line, product type rolling line, growth type belt line,air conveyor line All kinds of intelligent flexible operation equipment such as plane and equipped with distributed programming device (PLC) to realized efficient production automation.

Automatic Production Line (Total 37M)


The structural principle of automatic assembly production line and manual assembly lines is very similar. Worker is the operator on the manual assembly line but automated assembly line consists of a series of automated assembly plane to complete a variety of assembly process.

In addition to the typical form of straight line, in order to maximize the save space, a circular form can also be used, because the flat chain conveyer line can turn freely, so it is very suitable for conveying system of the ring line.



Automated assembly line is widely used in automobile manufacturing, service robot, communication, household appliances, toys, hardware, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

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